Ceilão Design. 1505.

                         Tropical - Surf - Lifestyle                                                               

Ceilão - The Original Ceylon

- The Portuguese name of Sri Lanka or Ceylon. The Portuguese held presence and control of the tiny Indian ocean island between 1505 - 1658 before the era of the Dutch Empire .


Ceilão Culture 

Individual,Handcrafted, Unique

Surfboards designed and shaped for all waves and people. Crafted for the ride regardless of the experience, wave size, shape or location 

Comfort, Style,Handmade  

Hand crafted garments and accessories produced with locally sourced materials and craftsmen. Tropical fashion to suit any adventure or occasion  

Travel,Surf, Immerse

Cultural adventures in mystic, historical locations with like minded seekers. Sri Lanka - Bali - Thailand - Portugal. Travel for the new age   

Life in difference

Life is tough, Relax more  

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